welcome to Nova Vox

65 million people displaced by war, persecution, famine, drought, natural distaster and other issues. Many of those becoming refugees. 20 US veterans a day committing suicide due to untreated or mismanaged PTSD. "First World" countries allowing their citizens to go homeless and hungry. People around the globe dying of starvation despite surpluses of global food stores, or dying of curable disease, because of greed. Genocides in the name of religion or race or ethnicity killing thousands.

So many voices silenced, many to never speak, sing, or laugh again.

For those that might, we're here to help them.

Nova Vox is a media studio dedicated to the restoration of the dignity of people disenfranchised by humanitarian crisis and social injustice by giving them new voices through the telling of their stories. We hope the stories we help tell will help create new opportunities for the people we work with and serve, and through those opportunities bring them hope. Nova Vox exists to help those voices be heard so that the people they come from are empowered to their own benefit.

Check out our Projects page to find out what kinds of stories we're helping get told, and if you're interested in working with us, whether as someone with a story you believe should be told or as a benefactor, patron, sponsor, or volunteer, stop by our About page to learn more about our mission and what we're doing.