about Nova Vox

Nova Vox was founded in late 2016 as a response to the 2017 Hult Prize Challenge, "Reawakening Human Potential," which focused on the restoration of dignity to refugees through the development of scalable and sustainable social enterprise. While it initially focused on the global refugee crisis specifically, Nova Vox has since expanded in scope to general humanitarian and social concerns and the organizations around the world working to address them. Developed originally as a standalone social enterprise, Nova Vox has become part of The Stormworks, operating as the brand imprint that Nova Vox co-founder and photographer Rob Salem does non-profit and humanitarian-based work under.

mission statement

The mission of Nova Vox is to give new voices to people silenced and disenfranchised by humanitarian crisis.

Rob believes that expression is an intrinsic aspect of what it is to be human, and that through art--whether song or dance, painting or sculpture, poetry or literature, photography or film, or any other medium--the human spirit is dignified and amplified, and that our differences can be celebrated even as the boundaries caused by them are transcended. Through storytelling media such as photo and video documentaries, and the curation and dissemination of artistic and cultural identities that tell the stories of refugees and victims of humanitarian crisis we help the voiceless find a way to be seen and heard in a way that is meaningful to them and impactful to the world.

By helping people--from refugees to war veterans to the people working to help them--tell their stories, Nova Vox hopes to help with the restoration of their dignity and identities and to reawaken their potential as human beings. We hope that the new voices these people find will be heard by the world, and through the commonality of the human condition and experience will be heard and understood despite language or ethnic or religious or racial or political differences. It is our ultimate goal to help those in need find a new voice in the world, one that celebrates who they are as people while raising awareness of their immediate needs as human beings in suffering.

who we serve

Nova Vox is prepared to work with and for anyone whose voice has been stripped from them through the trauma of humanitarian crisis and social injustice. From combat veterans to refugees, to the organizations attempting to help them, Nova Vox exists to help provide those individuals and entities a platform on which they can be seen and heard. Nova Vox does not discriminate based on ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexuality, politics, or social or economic class or status. Nova Vox will not however, knowingly work with or for any individual or organization that advocates or participates in any sort of hatred or hate-based discrimination of other humans.

working with Nova Vox

Nova Vox always accepts queries for developing new and ongoing projects of humanitarian nature. In general, projects will only be turned down due to limitations of resources (such as our current workload). If you or your organization has a story to tell about someone suffering or traumatized as a victim of humanitarian crisis (to include war, famine, drought, natural disaster, genocide, persecution, and others) or social injustice, we're here to help. We're open to working with refugees, veterans, first/emergency responders, the homeless, and others--anyone who has had their dignity or voice stripped from them by the injustices of the world, and the organizations working to help them and who will benefit from and be empowered by having their story told through photo and video media.

While nearly all of the stories we're looking to help tell are born of hardship, struggle, and suffering, it is the end goal to help victims find a new voice, and through that voice find dignity, opportunity, and hope. We want to help people tell stories of success and triumph that go beyond merely surviving, and are always open to queries of such nature--we believe that the telling of such stories are important to letting others in similar situations know that there is hope.

Nova Vox focuses on photo and video documentary style storytelling, and is in the process of growing and curating internet galleries that are accesible to the world-wide public. One of our goals is to create and offer physical gallery exhibitions of our photo and video stories. We do offer other services, primarily geared at humanitarian organizations, such as logo and identity design and branding, audio production (such as short radio spots), and general graphic design.

Nova Vox strives to do our work without any cost to those we serve, but we do incur costs on our end for travel, equipment maintenance/repairs/upgrades, and maintaining and growing the brand and presence in order to help the stories being told reach the greatest audience possible. There is no profit-margin in the work that Nova Vox does, and we're not interested in profiting from the misfortunes of others. Our current funding comes from other projects taken on by Rob and The Stormworks, but we are open to donations, sponsorships, and gratuities from those who wish to help the mission of Nova Vox.

If you have an interest in working with Nova Vox, or having us help you tell your (or someone else's) story, or in helping either Nova Vox or someone from one of our projects, feel free to contact us. If we can't meet your needs or goals, we'll do what we can to help you connect with someone who can.

Nova Vox is:

Rob is a 2017 graduate of Indiana University Kokomo, in Kokomo, IN, with a Bachelor of Science in New Media Communication. His current body of work focuses on photography, but he is also a filmmaker, digital media artist, traditional media artist (drawing and painting), graphic designer, published author, musician, and former on-air radio host. More about Rob and his personal work and other projects can be found at his website.

Scott is a veteran of the US Army Infantry, having served 18 years, including two combat tours in Afgahnistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He has an Associate's in Human Services from Ivy Tech and is currently working on a Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Indiana Wesleyan University.