Current & Past Projects

These are the projects we're currently working on or involved in.


-22- is a project with the goal of bringing greater awareness to the U.S. veteran suicide crisis. While the target demographic of the project is US combat veterans struggling with PTSD and suicidal feelings, the project overall is geared to have emotional and informational impact on their loved ones and the general public, in the hope of demystifying PTSD and what drives a veteran to suicide. It currently consists of a photo series, with a short film in post-production. Long term plans for the project include more photo documentaries and films, and extending it to include the First/Emergency Responder community (law enforcement, corrections, emergency medical services, firefighters, etc.).

Concrete Tribe

The Concrete Tribe is an exploration of homelessness in the US through photo and video documentary that attempts to give the homeless a platform by which they might be seen and heard and have some measure of their dignity as human beings restored. The ultimate goal is that through the photos and videos that we present, others will be moved to action that affords homeless people opportunity, and through that opportunity, hope.